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Oily scalp and oily hair normally cause by spicy food, supplements and frying food intake. Best solution for oily scalp problems is using BF1 Hair Growth Home Mask.

Oily Scalp Problems.

Seems like it would be a good thing to have and a good way to keep hair from becoming excessively dry. But if you ask those who have this condition, they’ll tell you it’s anything but good. Hair clumps together. It’s a dirt attraction and it’s difficult to style.

Oily Hair Problems.

Hair looks unattractive and it can develop an offensive smell. In fact, people with this type of hair or scalp are often looked at by others as if they need lessons in personal hygiene. For some, this may be true.

Oily Scalp Problems Cause By Hormonal Imbalance

But for the majority of those with persistent oily and greasy hair problems, it’s either hereditary, it’s caused by a hormonal imbalance (especially during a woman’s menstrual cycle), or it’s the result of using too much or the wrong type of styling product which simply builds up over time.

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Women Oily Hair Problems.

Women with polytheistic ovaries can suffer from oily hair and scalp as well. Other symptoms includes acne, oily skin, or dandruff.

Adolescents experience bouts of excessively oily hair, along with their oily skin because of the wildly fluctuating hormonal changes occurring within their bodies. Women who are pregnant, whose hair is otherwise perfectly healthy, develop oily hair for the same reason.

How to Get Rid of Oily Hair?

Other than covering oily hair with a hat, is there any oily hair treatment or way to deal with this unsightly situation? Of course there is.

Entire hair care product lines exist to deal strictly with this kind of problem. They contain compounds that reduce sebum, and many even contain antiseptic compounds and substances to relieve the itchiness often associated with oily scalp and hair.

Oily Hair Shampoo

Look for shampoos that contain no strong detergent like sodium laureth sulfate. You’d think that using harsher detergents would rid your hair of oil faster, but this is not true. These will only dry the scalp and increase itchiness, and actually cause more oil production.

Oily Hair Conditioner

If you have dry hair and oily scalp then you can apply a mild conditioner to hair, but only apply to the hair ends up to the middle, and avoid the scalp. Otherwise using a conditioner is not highly recommended.

Oily Hair Aromatherapy

If you prefer a natural remedy or shampoo for your hair, you’ll be happy to know you have several options. Look for hair products that contain any of these ingredients:

* Jojoba oil – Because it contains many of the properties found in sebum, the oil our skin produces naturally, this ingredient helps reduce dryness caused by harsh detergents by replacing the lost sebum. Indians used Jojoba oil to treat their skin and hair problems.

* Rosemary oil – This is a great scalp cleanser and hair root stimulator.

* Tea tree oil – It’s gentle, it works to strip excess oil, and it helps fight dandruff and bacteria.

* Sage – This helps to dissolve built-up deposits of oil and can also make hair shafts thicker.

* Eucalyptus – Helps bring the scalp back into balance by regulating the production of sebum. Relieves and reduces inflamed skin, too.

* Chamomile – This will enhance the hair’s shine and intensity. Chamomile is not recommended for color treated hair, unless you like to lighten your hair color. If your hair has highlights, products with a lot of chamomile may further enhance these highlights.

* Lemongrass – Also known as Cymbopogon, can be used as a great herbal rinse for all types of hair. For oily hair it balances the active oil glands on scalp and reduce the production of oil. However the Lemongrass herbs and oils are not recommended for sensitive scalp and it might irritate the skin

Some other everyday ingredients that help control greasy hair include aloe, egg whites, menthol, sorbitol, kaolin, citric acid and/or citrus, and starch.

Once you’re finished washing and conditioning, you can apply hair care products, as long as you use those formulated for your hair.

These help reduce the transfer of oil from the scalp to the hair which keeps excess oils off the hair and encourage a nicer type of shine and make hair easier to style. Your hair does not benefit from products that contain extra moisturizers made from glycerin and silicone, nor should you apply a serum or a cream-based product.

And finally, if you have oily hair, do yourself a favor and get a hair style that is manageable.

Hair Growth FAQ

1. How can I see the BF1 Hair Growth results ?

Answer : You can control hair loss and see the hair growth results within 7 days. Please take your hair photo from top, front and both side before use the hair growth products, retake again after 7 days usage of hair growth products, you will see immediate improvement hair growth from the top of your scalp. ( Remark : Hair will Hair will growth faster from top to side then toward front. )

2. Do BF1 Hair Growth products provide Money Back Guarantee results ?

Answer : Yes, We provide 7 days money back guarantee on all Hair Growth Products. BF1 guarantee all hair growth products qualities and safe for direct skin application.

3. How long I should use BF1 Hair Growth products ?

Answer : BF1 hair growth products control hair loss and promoting hair growth in 7 days. You may use about 3 months or until the results meet your satisfaction.

Prediction of Recovery for Hair Loss and Balding Problems.

a. Normal Hair Loss Problems ( Class 1 ) – Our hair growth will be full control and recovery about 28 days.

b. Mild Hair Loss Problems ( Class 2 ) - Our hair growth will be full control and recovery about 90 days.

c. Hair Loss Problems ( Class 3 ) - Our hair growth will be full control and recovery about 150 days.

d. Moderate Hair Loss Problems ( Class 4 ) - Our hair growth will be full control and recovery about 180 days.

e. Balding Hair Loss Problems ( Class 5 ) - Our hair growth will be full control and recovery about 280 days.

f. Serious Balding Problems ( Class 6 ) - Our hair growth will be full control and recovery about 400 days.

g. Complete Balding Problems ( Class 7 ) - Our hair growth will be full control and recovery about 600 days.

Note : All above predicted period are base on BF1 Hair Growth Home Care Set.

Percentage Of Recovery from Hair Loss Problems :

a. Age Below 25 = You easily have full recovery from your hair loss problems.

b. Age From 26-35 = 90% recovery from your hair loss problems.

c. Age From 36-45 = 80% recovery from your hair loss problems.

d. Age From 46-55 = 70% recovery from your hair loss problems.

e. Age Above 56-70 = 50-60% recovery from your hair loss problems.

Note : All above predicted percentage of recovery from hair loss problems are base on BF1 Hair Growth Home Care Set.

Hair Loss

4. How to maintain if after the full growth of my hair ?

Answer : You may just need to maintain using Hair Growth Shampoo only.

5. Where can I get the Free Consultancy for my hair loss problems ?

Answer : You may submit the form here : Free Hair Loss Help or visit us at Contact Us.

6. Do this products Halal or with Animals ingredients ?

Answer : All BF1 products are made from 100% Natural Formulation, no animals ingredients involved and it safe for all skin type.

7. How to use the Hair Growth Product ?

Answer : You may check out from the Video Demo here : Hair Growth Home Care Set Video Demo.

8. How to select the Hair Growth Product :

a. Test our hair growth results : Hair Growth Trial Set

b. Complete hair growth solution : Hair Growth Home Care Set

c. Fast and Easy hair growth solution : Super Growth Pro Set

d. Lazy user and easy hair growth : Super Growth Set

e. Balding, scalp treatment and fast hair growth : Hair Growth Professional Treatment Set.

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